Crack monitoring in a reinforced structure during construction using Acoustic Emission

Concrete crack monitoring using acoustic emission

Cracks can appear in a new reinforced structure during construction due to many reasons. These can be differential settlement of foundation, issues related to concrete quality, unexpected or under-evaluated loads and other factors. If cracks appear on a concrete surface one document them and monitor their openings, depth and length using digital microscopes, crack meters and ultrasonic testers. However, none of these methods are capable to detect internal cracks in the concrete developing around unstable segregations, large voids with addition of new weights during construction.  Acoustic emission method provide an unique capability of detecting crack development in reinforced concrete structures. Piezo electric sensors can readily detect micro-scopic growth of cracks inside of concrete at distances of 1-2 meters. Application of acoustic emission monitoring during several phases of constructions allows to assess stability of known or unknown defects to applied loads and intervene and repair or support the structure whenever is needed in case of active or intensifying crack development.

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