ASTM standard for Acoustic Emission of Concrete Structures Reapproved

ASTM Acoustic Emission for concrete standard

I felt gratitude when I got an email from ASTM that our ASTM E 3100-17 standard guide for Acoustic Emission Examination of Concrete Structures was reapproved this week. This is the first international acoustic emission standard developed regarding the examination of concrete structures. For me, this document is especially important and not only from a professional point of view. I pay tribute to my Father and Teacher Prof. Gregory Muravin who was a co-author in this standard. It was his last professional work which was published one year after he passed away. I always will remember my first Acoustic Emission “project” when my Father took me, a five-year-old boy (1979) to the Far East of the USSR (Baikal lake) to test a new concrete tunnel using Acoustic Emission. I am proud that his important contribution as one of the pioneers of Acoustic Emission testing came through in this document.

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