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Dr. Boris Muravin
Shalom, in this site I share my information and professional interests in Acoustic Emission, non-destructive testing, structural health monitoring and computational fracture mechanics.

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Professional information in this site consists of three main sections:

New: Acoustic Emission courses and practical traning on demand (send request)

Acoustic emission Level I, II and III according to ASNT certification scheme
AE examination of metal pressure vessels and pipelines (theory, standards, practical training)
AE examination of fiber reinforced plastic structures (theory, standards, practical training)
AE examination of reinforced concrete structures (theory, standards, practical training)
Acoustic emission leak testing (underground petroleum vessels and piping, gas systems)
Acoustic emission testing in aerospace and defense industries
Acoustic emission process monitoring (pharmaceutical, chemical industires)
Acoustic emission in material research

Acoustic Emission articles

Acoustic Emission science and technology
A systematic academic program for preparation of Acoustic Emission specialists
Article about Acoustic Emission in Hebrew
Structural Health Monitoring using Acoustic Emission Method

Acoustic Emission presentations

Acoustic Emission basics presentation for students
Acoustic Emission wave propagation and source location
Acoustic Emission education program
Structural Health Monitoring using Acoustic Emission Method
Physical principals of Acoustic Emission
Acoustic emission sensors, equipment
Acoustic emission testing of pressure vessels (metal and FRP) by ASME and ASNT standards (Hebrew)
Understanding ASNT SNT-TC-1A and CP-189 - acoustic emission traning series
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Here some of the books for study of Acoustic Emission and other related scientific subjects including methods of data analysis, non-destructive testing, material science and fracture mechanics.