Open Acoustic Emission Initiative

Project goals

Knowledge buildup and sharing is one of the essential conditions for development and popularization of Acoustic Emission method. Join action and coordination are necessary for this purpose. Open Acoustic Emission Initiative is the project that has the following goals:

Terms and conditions

In the frame of Open Acoustic Emission Initiative, we provide open source Acoustic Emission programs. The use of code or any other collected knowledge is free. Some of the programs subjected to no license, other to GPL2. Reference to Open Acoustic Emission Initiative and to the developer of the particular module is appreciated.

Instructions for code preparation

Open AE project is using Matlab programming style guidelines of Richard Jonson from Datatool.

Data file format

Open AE project recommends hdf-5 file format. This object oriented binary data format can be effective used to store large amount of data including hit parameters, waveforms and results of data analysis. Many analysis software including Matlab provides read/write functions for this format. Also the HDF groups provides API functions for C, C++, C# and Fortran programming languages.

Open source code

Fixed threshold hit detection and hit parameters evaluation.
Developed by Boris Muravin. This code is not subjected to any license.

Matlab code:
Neural networks framework for Acoustic Emission
Developed by Eraldo Pomponi. This code subjected to GPL2 license.
Matlab framework:
Description: Rotating_Ball-bearing_DataSets_details.pdf
Data files:;;;
Planar location Nelder-Mead simplex algorithm (beta)
Developed by Boris Muravin and Zohar Elman. This code is not subjected to any license.
Matlab code: Planar
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