Acoustic Emission Crossword by Boris Muravin

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12      3 
5  6          78
        9  10   
  12            13               
17  18        19                       
    2122            23          24     
25  26           
        2829  3031   
          33        34
      35  36                    37   
  3940            41    42               
    44                45         
  47              48  49
  5354            55     
  58              59             


  1. Minimum three sensors used in ___ location.
  2. Dilatation and distortion wave propagation speed is expressed numerically using ___ material constants.
  3. An imperfection or discontinuity that may be detectable by nondestructive testing and is not necessarily rejectable.
  4. Class of calibration procedures.
  5. Macroscopic source of AE in metal (two words).
  6. Threshold type.
  7. Number of threshold crossings.
  8. Ratio of stress level at which AE is detected to the previously applied maximum stress.
  9. Pressing on piezo element in a sensor produce ___ effect.
  10. Coupling material.
  11. Portion of waveform preceding first threshold crossing.
  12. Measure of noise level.
  13. The resistance to fracture of a material under stress.
  14. Increasing metal ____ cause reduction of AE amplitudes.
  15. Class of clustering methods.
  16. Location method that attributes signals to the sensor with the highest measured amplitude.
  17. Functions calculated to separate clusters of AE data.
  18. AE source of mechanical origin.
  19. Technique that allows to increase signal-to-noise ratio for oversampled data.
  20. Famous Russian academician who has observed the noise generated by deformation process of Salt and Zinc crystals in 1920.
  21. Device used for sensors mounting on hot structures.
  22. Microscopic source of AE in metal.
  23. Widely used sensing material in AE sensors (abbrev.).
  24. Piezo element thickness controls ____ characteristics of a sensor.
  25. Macroscopic source of AE in composites.
  26. Type of fracture characterised by emission of large amount of continuous AE.
  27. A probability distribution that expresses the probability of a number of independent AE events occurring in a fixed period of time.
  28. Hardware parameter recommended to be at least twice of the highest frequency component to be measured (two words).


  1. Qualitative type of AE signals.
  2. Materials with different velocity of AE wave propagation in different directions.
  3. Type of waves in which the particle motion of the material is essentially in the same direction as the wave propagation.
  4. The spreading or bending of waves as they pass through an aperture or around the edge of a barrier.
  5. A semiconductor device installed on a AE board performing hit detection and other computational and logic operations (abbrev.).
  6. A condition in which an increase in input signal produces no increase in amplitude.
  7. A lack of continuity or cohesion; an intentional or unintentional interruption in the physical structure or configuration of a material or component.
  8. AE testing is used to detect ____ cracks in concrete supports.
  9. Method of signal analysis that can be used for AE waveform compression.
  10. Effect of temporary slowing growth of an overloaded fatigue crack that normally accompanied by reducing AE activity.
  11. Surface wave mode.
  12. Common activation function in artificial neural networks used in AE applications.
  13. Class of methods in pattern recognition.
  14. A qualitative description of sensors according to their frequency respond.
  15. Curve that is calculated to assess amplitude loss vs. distance.
  16. AE testing is used to detect ____ in oil tank floors.
  17. A three-dimensional plot of the energy of the frequency content of a signal as it changes over time.
  18. Phenomenon of dependence of the phase velocity of a wave on its frequency.
  19. Founder of the first AE company.
  20. AE testing is used to detect ____ (two words) cracking in gas lines.
  21. Statistical parameter measuring the peakedness of AE signal.
  22. Temperature point at which the properties of the ceramic change permanently.
  23. Type of noise.
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  25. Country that holds be-annual international acoustic emission symposiums.
  26. Class of numerical methods used for overdetermined location.
  27. Method applied for location of continuous emission signals (2 words).
  28. Plate waves.
  29. AE count rate often exhibits ____-like growth prior to component failure.
  30. An analog filter used to remove the out-of-band component of the input signal prior to sampling with an analog-to-digital converter.
  31. Flow regime that can produce AE.
  32. Sensor used to filter out signals arriving out of zone of interest.
  33. AE testing is used to detect ____ in high energy piping.
  34. The velocity with which the variations in the shape of the wave's amplitude propagate through space.

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